Tuesday, November 6, 2012


The morning started off with some fun treats for the kids.  I made them festive breakfast and their GG had a special Halloween bag for them with toys, pjs, and some candy in Ben's.  Then it was off to school for Ben, where their teacher no doubt told me they were a little nuts!
Right after school I picked Ben up and changed him into a rocker right in the parking lot of his preschool to head to my sister, Katie's work for a little Halloween party/lunch.  He got a kick of running back into the classroom and showing his teacher his cool look.  My parent's brought my niece and my Grandpa Ron and Uncle Dave joined in the festivities at Kate's work cafeteria where a lot of her co-workers kids were there too.  All babies under one, like seriously five of them.  And all girls.  I should have gotten a picture of Jackson with all those girl babies.  Darn.  : )  We took some seriously cute pictures of the cousins though.
Festive lunch for Ben. 
Frankenstein cupcakes I made, and Jackson's festive lunch in the background.  
Once Uncle Jeff got home from school it was off to meet up with James in Los Gatos.  When we were living there we were told that we just had to go to Tait Street for trick-or-treating.  And it was awesome.  Almost everyone on the long block goes all out.  This was our third year going.  These houses do not disappoint.  Just on their own these houses make me drool.  Just love the architecture and the uniqueness of each and every one.
This year was so much fun too with Ben.  He loved everything Halloween this year, and was not scared by any of the creepy decor or scary costumes.  Last year he was so nervous walking around Tait Street that he eventually broke down in tears and we had to go.  This year he eagerly trick-or-treated at most of the houses on the block- those without crazy long lines that is, and came away with a good haul.  Jackson meanwhile was a champ in his stroller, just enjoying the sights around him.
I was so glad we got an early start because it was still light out when we first began and I could get some decent filming in before the dark.  And we were home by 8:30.  Great day.  Great night.  Great Halloween.

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