Friday, November 2, 2012

Gratitude- Day 2

I'm very grateful to have such a funny, smart little buddy to spend my everyday with.  Ben just has such a great sense of humor, and just gets things so quickly and sometimes beyond what I imagined he could get.  We crack each other up everyday.  Like this morning, I kept saying to Jackson, "hi, baby.  Hi baby."  We were watching Shake It Up on the Disney Channel, and my hi babies, turned into, "hello ba-bay!"- Gunther style.  You have to know the show to have any clue what I'm talking about.  Not only did I crack myself up, but Ben could not stop laughing.  And then neither could I.  He's also so forgiving just like his daddy.  He doesn't hold a grudge and he is so understanding.  I can tell him that I'm sorry for acting grumpy, I have a bad headache.  And immediately he forgives my grumpiness and just understands that the pain from my headache is making me that way (not that I can't choose to be another way- but you know what I mean.  Maybe?)  I don't know if I am making much sense, but I just appreciate so much the way Ben is.  Very easy going.  Reasonable.  Understanding.  Forgiving.  Man I eke dwelling on that forgiving thing.  Can you tell that I screw up a lot?  I'm always asking him to forgive me.  For being grumpy.  For being short.  Etc.  I hope that it helps him by exploding that whole concept of my parents are perfect thing that supposedly young children have early so he can just get over that disappointment- ha.  And I also hope it helps him to learn humility, forgiveness, self-improvement (as I always talk to him about how mommy is trying to become a better mommy all the time and how he needs to work on things like being a better listener.)  Wow, this has really gone off on a tangent.  But anyway, Ben keeps life interesting around here.  He chats non stop.  Loves on his brother to the point of near harassment.  And loves me unconditionally.  Plus he's just so dang cute.  Love you kid.

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