Monday, November 19, 2012

Gratitude Days- 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, & 18

I know, I know so much for posting everyday.  Which brings me to the first thing I'm grateful for.

Day 7:  Repentance.  Whether it be simple things like repenting for not blogging everyday like I said. Ha!  Or the big stuff.  I know that because of my Savior I can repent, be forgiven, and try try again.

 Day 8:  I am grateful to be experiencing all the wonders again of baby's.  Jackson pulled this classic baby move the other day and I just had to yell for James and Ben to come see.  And the look of pure joy on Jackson's face was priceless.  
Day 9:  I am so grateful that Ben has an able mind and that he is observing and learning new things everyday.  His printing skills blow me away (although I still write out many of the letters first for him to copy).  Although he does sight recognize just about all of the capital letters, and we are working on the lowercase letters.
Day 10:  I am so grateful that my baby has a growing and able body.  He's growing like a weed and getting stronger everyday.  He's absolute favorite thing in this world right now is standing.  He stands all day long; crawling from one place to another to find a new thing he can pull himself up on.  He even got brave a couple of days ago and thought he'd see if he could stand on his own by letting go of the couch.  And very quickly found out that he's not quite ready.  Phew!  I can wait for walking.
Day 11:  I am grateful for traditions.  Especially those one's that I remember as a kid.  Of course Ben is already excited for Christmas and was asking me ALL the time how many days were left till the big day.  So about a week ago we made this little classic together, and he loves pulling off a "hook" every night.
Day 12:  I am grateful for family time.  At a good restaurant.  For a good cause (i.e. preschool fundraiser night at Melo's pizza).  Yum!
Day 13:  I am grateful for free entertainment.  I always look up all the free events my city/library/Ben's preschool has to offer and write them all down on my iCal.  Summer is loaded with them, and then things slow down for a while, that is until the holidays roll around.  My calendar is full of things- party's, tree lightings, parades, and festivals.  And being in major savings mode right now for a future home- I love me some free fun.

Day 14:  I'm grateful that Ben has a grateful heart.  And to think that something so small stood out in his mind so much to say he was grateful for it.  Makes me feel like it really is the little things that matter.  And makes me feel bad about turning down his requests to play soccer today. : )

Day 15:  I'm grateful for Ben's preschool.  It is such a loving and nurturing place.  Ben loves it.  And they have really fun events like the Thanksgiving feast last week.  They sang "I'm Glad I'm Not a Turkey" and "What a Wonderful World."  And then we feasted of course.
Day 16:  I'm grateful for wonderful involved grandparents.  My mom joined us at the Thanksgiving Feast like week.  And my mother-in-law came to support Ben, who participated in a Primary Program at church today (more details to come).  I know I already mentioned this in my being grateful for extended family post, but I just had to mention it again- because seriously my kids grandparents rock.  I mean my dad held my baby all night and fed him dinner at my grandma's 70th birthday party last night, danced with him on the dance floor, and sat with Ben and the other children at the kids table.  My mom said "he's nice to have around, isn't he?"  Sure is.

Day 17:  I'm grateful for the beauty that surrounds me.  It only took me about twenty minutes today to drive to this amazing view.
Day 18:  I'm grateful for fall.  Even if it's slim here in California.  I can't get enough of fall leaves.  Ben and I drove around town a little bit today hunting some pretty leaves for our leave turkeys we will be making tomorrow.  And that's another thing.  I love that I have a boy who loves to craft with me.

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