Sunday, November 25, 2012

Gratitude Days 19 thru 25

Well Thanksgiving is over and what a wonderful Thanksgiving it was, but more on that later.

Day 19: I am so thankful to be able to stay at home with my children.  It hasn't always been that way, and I know that it might not always be this way.  I try to remind myself of this ALL the time, and be grateful for this amazing opportunity.  Even though sometimes the days are long, and sometimes they are tough, I know that I wouldn't want it any other way.  I'm grateful for our seemingly endless amount of time together.  Time for the little things; like park days and bike rides.

Day 20:  I'm grateful for great friends.  Especially the old ones.  Our oldest and dearest friend, James Tarbat and his new wife, Bethany were able to stay with us for two days this last Tuesday and Wednesday.  James, James T., and I were like Cory, Topanga, and Sean (Boy Meets World) in high school- great buddies the three of us.  While they were here we were able to enjoy a pre Thanksgiving feast, which I'm so thankful turned out yummy.  Ben was able to thoroughly entertain/annoy them both days.  And we spent a great day in San Francisco, which Bethany had never been to.  
Day 21:  I'm thankful that Jackson gets to enjoy something that Ben didn't get to until he was two- a cousin.  These two are going to be great fun!
Looking outside for Mommy/Auntie Katie. 

Day 22:  I'm always grateful to stumble across a great bargain.  I didn't want to brave any stores on Black Friday, but nevertheless had to because I needed to pick up some items for an event I was helping host on Saturday.  After running my errands for that I was right next to Babies R Us so decided to go in to get formula, when I stumbled across this great deal: buy 1, get 1 FREE on Jackson's baby food.  Score.  I picked up 10 cases.  Funny story: there was also a good deal on Huggies diapers.  The great big cases.  People were carting around the store like 10 boxes.  Crazy!

Day 23:  I'm grateful for relaxing weekends and naps.  James loves to spend his weekends at home, not doing a whole lot.  While I would sometimes like to do a little more with our weekends than we sometimes do- I have to admit the downtime with my little family is always just what I need.  We all do a lot of running around during the week, so the time to rest and just be together is great.  And after this busy week, with house guests, Thanksgiving, and several later nights we all rested, I mean napped a lot.  Even Ben.  Today I enjoyed a nap on the couch with my baby!

Day 24:  I am so grateful to my friend Sandy for requesting my assistance for her daughter's engagement party.  I love planning parties and would love to do it more professionally, and this was my first real job.  I helped out with the desserts, the beverages, and also put together a cute little jar for cards on the entry table.  I'm even more thankful that everyone, including Sandy and her daughter Francesca liked what I did.  Phew!

Day 25:  I am so excited and thankful for the Christmas season which is now upon us.  We spent our Sunday prettying up our house for the holidays.  Tomorrow James will hang the lights.  And probably next weekend we will get our tree.  It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
Love christmas PJ's

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