Sunday, July 7, 2013


I thought our fourth was going to start with an old fashioned town parade, but turns out I was mistaken and there was no parade.  Instead we slept in, had some yummy Bagel Street bagels, and after not too long Jackson and I did one of my favorite things: took a nap together on big brother's bed.  We were all well rested when we headed to Sausalito around two.  This marks seven years I believe of this tradition.  Only now the home owners, James Aunt and Uncle, host the other side of the family at their cabin in Tahoe for the fourth.  So glad they still graciously allow us to use their house. 
I am in love with this picture.  
Dinner with a view.  
Ben was done with pictures here, but Jackson is to die for.  Too much cuteness in one tiny package.
 A new tradition was heading into town this year where we picked up some yummy burgers and fries and headed to the water to enjoy.
Those are stars on this boy's shorts.  He cracks me up.  

Before the show we lit up the pizza oven and roasted some s'mores.  Jackson preferred to eat his marshmallow un-toasted off the stick.  Want to know a secret about me?  Whenever I buy s'more fix ins, I make one for myself every night on the stovetop after the kids are in bed until my supply is gone.  
I love fireworks.  Makes me almost teary for some reason.  And I love watching them with my boys in my arms.  They lay with me looking up at the sky for the first few minutes and then Jacky got antsy and Ben got a little sensitive to the sound.  That is when Ben decided he wanted to watch the show from inside.  Their living room opens up onto a deck with great big sliding glass doors.  Well, one was open and one was closed.  Can you guess which side Ben bee lined it for inside?  Yup, you guessed it the poor kid smacked right into the closed glass door.  He was just fine after a minute of tears and to be honest I may have busted up laughing about it as we recalled it on the drive home. 
Jacky snuggled for a while with his Pa.  
The boys ended the show back in the chair without me and it made my heart so happy.  God bless them and God bless America!

And did I mention it was 70 degrees.  In Sausalito.  When we were leaving.  At 10 pm.  Crazy, beautiful weather!

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