Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Discovery Kingdom

We scored some free tickets to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom for one adult and one child so Ben and I made a date out of it. Before we went I made up my mind that we would stay as long as Ben wanted and do and see everything he wanted. With it being just me, the funner, more easy going parent, I knew it was an opportunity to throw things aside like traffic considerations and just enduldge Ben a little. 
It was such a fun day with my little buddy. Just fun to be alone with him and fun to see him get excited to go see it do the next thing. Some of our favorite things were riding the big swings together, the cool circus show actually performed by Cirque de Solei, the super cute animals at the animal hospital place, and riding the water rapid ride. Ben felt like he was going on a really big kid ride. We ate nachos and a big salty pretzel for lunch and I let Ben have root beer for the first time (I didn't want to splurge for two drinks- they were like $5 each). And later we shared a massive snow cone together while we watched the dolphin show. After it stayed and Ben learned what the splash zone was he really wanted to sit there buy by then it was full. Next year. We got there right when the park opened at ten and stayed till five getting stuck in some major highway 4 traffic on the way home. I also developed a migraine about mid way through our trip that didn't leave me for two days. But it was so worth it to spend a great day with my Ben. 
Giant snow cone.  Oh how I love the look of pure childhood mind blowing.    
Check out the tiger behind him.  He was nervous to get close to the glass.  
One on one time is so important to me. Not only do I think it's so good for the child. But also it's something fun and new for me. You learn new things about your child when you can give then your undivided attention. It's also a refreshing break in a way to take the number if lives you are responsible for at that time down from two to one. And since we plan on having a big family, I will only love opportunities for one on one time more and more. 

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