Monday, July 8, 2013

The Big Day

As soon as the boys went to bed I got this balloon contraption set up.  I told Ben that I wanted to take a picture of him as soon as he walked out of his room in the morning because I just knew he would be bigger.  I told him to call for me when he woke up.  So I heard a "mom" and sprung out of bed to grab my camera when I realized it was still really dark.  It was 3 am.  Jackson had already opened the door part way and balloons were in the room and the hall.  I think it scared them a bit and Jackson was trying to maneuver the taped streamers to get out of his room.  A bust, yes.  But pretty funny nonetheless.  
Ben's morning started with bowling lunch, and frozen yogurt with Mimi (Papa was out of town).  He still likes to tell me, "Mimi wasn't very good.  I beat her!"  
She got him a fun pool for the backyard, a baseball photo frame, and two books, including a Knock Knock jock book.  He always asks Mimi to tell him a joke and she could never think of any, so this was her solution.  He made sure to memorize one for the next time we saw her, "Knock, knock.  Who's there?  Cows go.  Cows go who?  No, they don't, cows go moo!"  
After trying out the new pool and a nap for the cutie below we headed to the cake shop as per our tradition.  
Presents were opened and lots of hugs exchanged.  Ben got his coveted Inotab, some games, a baseball T, and some fun Monsters Inc. gear.  
Then it was off to Fuddruckers for dinner and the traditional Numbered Jordans from daddy.  The number 5's for Ben's fifth birthday.  
Someone spilled his drink all over himself. 
A great celebration for  a great five-year-old boy.  We all love you so much Ben!

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