Thursday, July 25, 2013


Yeah!  We went camping last weekend, and it reminded me how much I love camping.  When I started to camp with my husband's family when we were sixteen I laughed at their idea of camping (they had a tent trailer).  I was used to strictly tent camping.  But once you go that way there is no going back.  They also as far as I know have always stayed at KOA's.  Nice for the convenience of bathrooms, playgrounds, and sometimes pools.  This year we stayed at a KOA in Cloverdale, CA up in the Sonoma area.  And this time we stayed in a cabin.  Now we've stayed in KOA cabins before.  Usually just a one bedroom cabin with a couple of sets of bunk beds with really thin mattresses on them.  Well this time we stayed in the Taj Mahal of cabins.  A two and a half bedroom with a full bath and kitchenette.  All eight of us fit in this place, leaving our little tent site we also rented abandoned.  Now I really don't know if I will ever be able to camp in anything but.  Especially so long as we have young children.  It was so nice to store food in the fridge, clean the children off in the shower, and have Jackson take naps in the blazing heat of midday in an air conditioned room- rather than sweating like crazy in a tent.  The boys will experience plenty of true roughing it, tent camping on daddy and son trips and scouts, so glamping it isn't going to make them too soft.  
The first morning the boys woke up early and everyone else was sleeping so we broke into the powdered donuts and then took a nice nature walk.  It was fun but the terrain wasn't the easiest with Jackson.  We were basically surrounded by steep ravines, which kept me on my toes the whole time.  But we did manage to find a nice flat path that I could let him roam unattended.  
I also don't know if I can ever go camping without my MIL.  As in do it all myself.  This lady is a master camper and brings out all the stops when it comes to camping food.  We snack well and we dine even better.  Cooking over that fire below was shrimp and potatoes, corn on the cob, and delicious chicken.  If it were me, it would have been hot dogs.  
Other favorite memories include:  James throwing Jackson up super high in the pool.  His face was priceless and everyone nicknamed him super baby.  On our second night we played I spy around the campfire and when it was my father-in-laws turn he said, "I spy something cute," to which Ben responded right away, "GG" (my mother-in-law).  That began a little trend.  Ben was up next and copied, "I spy something cute."  James had the answer, "mommy!" "Yup" Ben said.  Then James continued, "I spy something cute."  
Ben: "Mommy?" 
James: "nope, you!."  
Ben: "You don't think mommy's cute?!"  
James: "yes, but you are being cute right now."  
Ben: "Oh, I know!"  

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