Saturday, February 15, 2014

One and a Half, plus one month

I never posted this for some reason.  Probably because I had lots more to say about my boy at roughly eighteen months.  Well since he's over two now and I'm trying to get all caught up with my blogging, I guess I'll start by finally pressing publish.

My Jackson is now nineteen months and has just suddenly become a little boy.  There are so many things about his personality that have changed or developed recently.  Certain traits and habits have completely changed for better and for worse.
Let's start with sleep.  I knew I had to have some growing pains in this department with this kid at some point.  From day one he always loved sleep and was good at it.  He didn't need any soothing to go to sleep, in fact he did not like being held).  He started sleeping through the night at a very early age and would even sleep in in the morning and take one solid three hour long nap.  Things started to turn a few months ago when he all of a sudden turned into a night owl.  He used to have an internal clock that said 7 pm is bedtime.  And he would let you know if it was 7:05.  Suddenly the kid could party until 10 pm easily.  I knew the nap needed to be shortened and needed to be earlier.  I've recently changed naptime to 10 or 10:30.  This works most days, but sometimes are schedule just doesn't allow.  If he takes just an early nap he is pretty easy to get to bed by 7:30/8 o'clock.  But here's the other change- he is a huge snuggler now.  Can't go to sleep without me.  He does this head lock thing which I love, because c'mon he is hugging me for dear life, and hate, because most of the time I can hardly breath his little face is so close to mine.  And oh yeah there is also this other little thing.  He's in a toddler bed.  Not by my choice.  No, I miss the confinement so badly.  But the dang little monkey started climbing out of the thing at seventeen months.  Even with the mattress all the way down, practically on the floor.  After getting his foot caught one night and bonking his chin on the side rail another day. we had to make the switch for his safety.  This has lead to him waking up in the night, almost every night.  Yippee.  Usually waking his big brother up in the process (they share a room now).  The two by my bedside is my nightly wake up call.  And to make things as smooth as possible for now I've been letting Ben climb in my bed with daddy and I join Jackson in Ben's bed.  Not too fun.  Gotta get this thing figured out.

I basically adore this boy!

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