Saturday, February 15, 2014

Twas the Night Before Christmas

This year we got a wonderful early Christmas present.  We found out we were expecting baby no. 3 a few weeks before the big day.  It took a little longer than it has the first do go arounds, but we are so blessed in that things work pretty well and pretty easily for us in that department.  I knew it before I knew it, because I had been an emotional wreck for a while before taking the big pee test.  I had felt good otherwise until that point but that's when it struck.  The first trimester.

We definitely didn't get around to all the Christmas traditions this year what with my condition.  Not making gingerbread houses is my biggest regret, but Ben didn't even realize it till well after Christmas, so nothing to fret over too much.  One tradition I don't really enjoy is sugar cookies.  I do enjoy baking with my mom and sister when we have done that, but baking by myself isn't really enjoyable for me.  I especially don't like to do sugar cookies.  So thankfully my mother-in-law made some and let me go home with a big chunk of her dough.  All I had to do was roll out and cut out.  So not a moment too soon, the boys helped me decorate our little trees and deliver them to the neighbors, which luckily I only have four (we live on a small court), just before heading off to our traditional dinner and temple night with the Greenes.
After Jackson let us know it was time to go /\ /\  we went home to open up our eve presents, jammies for all and a few festive accessories for our stuffed friends.  Then it was milk and cookies out for Santa, a little snuggly iPad time, and then to bed.  Christmas Eve was definitely the calm before the storm that is Christmas around here. 

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