Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ready, Set, Hike

Ben starts little league next week, which made me realize I never posted anything about his flag football team.  It was a Saturday only kinda thing again.  They practiced half the time and scrimmaged another team the other half.  Ben's coaches were awesome.  A husband and wife duo, ex NBA and WNBA players.  Yes they were tall.  See the photo below.  And that tall kid who towered over the rest, yes you guessed it that's their kid.  There was also another little guy on Ben's team who was amazing.  As in we should have gotten his autograph because it will probably be worth something some day.  Ben did well.  He loved trying to get the flags, and managed to snag a few.  He ran it in for a couple of touchdowns, but even when he didn't he thought he did all the same.  Running out of bounds was a bit of a problem, but not one that he didn't share with everyone.  
His favorite part were the after game snacks of course.  It was a good time.  I'm really looking forward to little league.  It will be his first real sports team with a mid week practice and games on Saturday and it runs all the way till June so he should make a lot of progress.  They get to choose between coach pitch and a tee and Ben is really good at hitting off a pitcher so that should be a lot of fun for him.  I miss watching sports.  It was one of my favorite things growing up (and playing sports) and some of my most cherished memories of James (I was the adoring girlfriend cheering in the stands for him in High School).  Now I'm looking forward to many years and seasons to come cheering on our boys together.  

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