Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Dear Jackson, 

You finally turned two (well two months ago).  You were telling people for so long that you were two thatI kind of started to believe you before the big day even came.  Two is the only number you know.  Sometimes you count to ten with just twos: two, two, two.  Well recently you added eight to the mix, now everything is two, eight, two, eight.  You are just the sweetest little guy ever Jackson.  You started your life out not liking to cuddle much.  You'd rather be laid in your crib than rocked to sleep and you'd rather be down on the ground or in your swing than held.  I thought you wouldn't be much of a snuggler, and then overnight you became the biggest and snuggliest kind.  You fall asleep for both nap and bedtime in my arms.  Well, I'm usually in your arms as you have to give me this chokehold hug as you drift off.  It's both heart melting and suffocating at the same time.  You make me feel completely adored all the time.  The way you look at me is the sweetest and you often reach out for my face or pat my arms or head softly.  When you want some lovin' you say baby because that's what I'd always say when I picked you up or held you, so snuggles soon became known as baby time.  You still don't have an extensive vocabulary but you are the smartest and understand everything we say to you; including multi step directions.  You have a memory like an elephant (just like your mom and brother, well like your mom used to have).  Since turning two you're really starting to talk more, using lots of two and three word sentences, usually starting with I: I book?  I eat?  It's so fun to hear your thoughts more and more each day as you are discovering how to express yourself through words.  You are a very good and reasonable little person.  You can sure get worked up from time to time but you have never been unconsolable (mommy is very lucky).  You have come around to the idea of a baby and we love to say hi and bye to the babies as we enter Kids World at our gym everyday.  You give my tummy lots of kisses and always include baby in the list of people you love.  You are going to make the best big brother.  Mommy loves you so much my sweet Jackson.  You are just the blondest, cutest little guy and everyone always loves you.  Can't wait to see what your third year has in store for you.  

Love, Mommy. 

Mommy and Daddy got you a new carseat for your birthday.  We do practical gifts for as long as we can get away with it. 
We visited GG and Pa at the cake shop the morning of your birthday as per tradition to pick up your cake and balloons and then headed to Big Bear Diner for breakfast.  
GG got you this great water play table, which your Papa put together later at your small family party. 
New tree swing from your Mimi and Papa.  The next morning I found Ben pushing you in it.  Apparently he can lift you into the seat.  I was just glad you were safely secured.  
Kissing cousins.  This photo could come in handy later as blackmail.  : )

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