Friday, April 18, 2014

Working on our Fitness

On Sunday James and I are sailing away with his siblings and parents to beautiful Central America on a seven day cruise.  And I'm not going to lie this has provided me with some great motivation to hit the gym.  I've been very committed to working out for the last three months, since escaping the snare of my first trimester a little ahead of schedule at ten weeks.  James joined at the same time as me, but was just playing basketball in an attempt to get ready for his March Madness trip (during which he played basketball only once).  He decided that nineteen days ago he'd start hitting the weights to get beach body ready.  Yes, you read that nineteen days ago.  And these are his results.  Super annoying right.
He does have two advantages over me however.  One, he was assisted by some natural and fully legal supplements via the Vitamin Shop.  He also has changed his diet and has been eating very healthy and very light these last few weeks; something that I don't always have the willpower to commit to (i.e. cravings), and oh yeah I've got this little thing known as eating for two going on right now also.  All joking aside though I'm so proud of my man and I too have been very happy with the results of my hard work at the gym and am feeling great for twenty-three weeks pregnant.  I also feel that despite my inevitably growing mid section, I've shrunk in a few other places.  So I believe that we are both beach ready.  Now to just get packed and ready and kiss my babies enough times the next couple days to last me for a whole week.  I'm going to miss them so much and am having some anxiety about leaving them, but they are so excited for their week with their Mimi and Papa, and I cannot even fathom all the kid free minutes, hours, and days.  It's going to be paradise in more ways than one.
Bon Voyage!

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