Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Let the Easter Festivities Begin

I have a few things up my sleeve this week to celebrate Easter and make it special for Ben. We kicked off the celebration on Saturday morning at the Easter egg hunt and celebration downtown. We were glad to have Auntie Katie staying with us this weekend and getting to go with us. We arrived after a delicious breakfast at our favorite diner just in time for the 2-3 year-old's egg hunt. Ben was very excited, especially when he spotted the Easter bunny. As he walked by Ben stuck his basket out at him, but he just walked right by making Ben very sad. He turned to me and sadly said, "he didn't put anything in my basket." I had to assure him that his basket would be full soon and we would see the Easter bunny again later. Ben raced around collecting plastic eggs, but mainly focusing on scoring as many little chocolate eggs as he could.
The crowd was out of control; I could not believe how many people were there. The lines for the petting zoo and pony rides were much too long, so we settled on the little carnival games. Ben enjoyed collecting his little prizes: a watch, chinese finger trap, and a bracelet. The longest line we waited in was for this giant Toy Story ball, which Ben was very excited about. I guess he didn't realize that he actually would get into the ball and then be rolled around whilst inside. It lasted about ten seconds and he was outta there. Oh well.
Finally three hours later we were back at home. Then Ben enjoyed the rest of the day with his Daddy as Katie and I set off for the big city for our microderms. We had a great time doing a little shopping; I love my Easter outfit. And then we were each pampered for an hour, and I was really glad that my sunburned skin was not affected by the treatment. Phew! Such a great day and a great weekend with my sister. We decided that we need to do this monthly and give our men a boy's day.

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