Saturday, April 2, 2011


Being that it was nearly 90 degrees yesterday we decided to go enjoy some sun on the beach. So I packed up a picnic dinner, woke Ben up from his nap, changed him into his swimsuit, and we got in the car. Ben immediately fell back asleep and James and I enjoyed the scenic thirty minute drive to Capitola-- the most perfect little beach town. It really does blow Santa Cruz away, which has gone down hill since I was a kid. Capitola was wonderful though. Things we loved about it: (1) 30 minutes from our house, (2) cheap parking (.50 per hour), (3) convenient and close beach access parking, (4) downtown and the beach are on the same side of town (unlike Santa Cruz), (5) amazing patio restaurants overlooking the ocean (next time we go we will dine at one of these-- probably the mexican restaurant, it smelled delish), (6) there was a shallow cove area which is perfect for Ben to play in because there are no waves, the water is warmer, and mommy is less fearful of sharks, (7) fun bright colored buildings, (8) and at least for now it was not crowded at all.
James and I realized yesterday just how perfect a beach trip is for our family. Ben is so entertained playing in the sand. He literally spent nearly an hour filling up his two buckets making "mac and cheese," and then dumping them out again. While James and I got to lay on our giant beach blanket soaking up the sun and relaxing. The only thing Ben cares about is that I don't go to sleep, he kept saying when he could see my eyes close behind my sunglasses, "wake up mommy" and "look at me mommy." But other than that he let me relax and just did his thing.
It will definitely be a favorite spot of ours from here on.

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