Thursday, March 31, 2011

Smoothie Pops

I am in love with this warm weather. Night and day from last week. And to mark the momentous occasion of the start of Spring and the return of the sun, Ben enjoyed the first popsicle of the Spring/Summer. I try to make a smoothie every day for myself and Ben as an easy way to increase our fruit and veggie (I use a fruit/veggie juice blend) intake. Now I simply blend up the daily smoothie at lunch, pour them into popsicle molds, and by the time the kiddies awake after their nap, I have popsicles. To enjoy outside on the grass of course. Messy, messy. While the boys get half the popsicles in their mouth and half on the grass, I lean back looking up at the warm sun through the leaves of our giant front yard tree, and pray the weather will last.
Because I don't think I can take another week cooped up with two two-year-olds who just can't get it through their heads why we can't go to the PARK! I really don't!

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