Thursday, March 10, 2011

Midweek Movie

We were feeling a bit like it should already be Friday yesterday, so decided to go to the movies. Our plan was to see Matt Damon in The Adjustment Bureau, but because we were late, we changed and saw Just Go With It (pretty darn hilarious). James was nervous about how Ben would be, and he did surprisingly really well. It worked out nice that we went on a Wednesday and there were only about five or six other people there. It also helped that he had a giant thing of popcorn to keep him preoccupied throughout the movie. The other day James said to me that this whole potty training thing is a full time job. And he was not kidding; I had to take Ben to the bathroom three times during the movie! I actually got so sick of leaving the movie that by the third time I told him to just pee in his pants (he had a Pull-up on after all). Bad mommy. But good boy, because he refused. I bribed him before the movie that if he was a good boy for mommy and daddy's movie, I would take him to go see a kid movie. I think we will wait for the Shrek spinoff, "Puss in Boots." (Ben's a Shrek fanatic)!

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