Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away

What do you do on a very wet, rainy day with two 2-year-olds to keep your house decently clean and your sanity in tact? Take them to Pump It Up's Pop in and Playtime. Let them run, jump, and slide for an hour and a half.
Fill them up with a yummy lunch. Read them three stories. And tuck them in for a long nap. My plan worked perfectly. My house remained clean until 3:30 when the boys awoke, and was then barely messed up until Seb was picked up at 5:30. And I thoroughly enjoyed running, jumping, and sliding around too-- gotta love those endorphins!
But I am so ready for this rain to be GONE already. It's a rough week when we can't go to the park. :-) The sun did peek out for a short while yesterday though. So I bundled the little guys up and we took a walk around the corner to say hello to the firetrucks.
Then there was a friendly race home to avoid the oncoming rain. Not to brag or anything . . . but Ben smoked Seb!

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