Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mommy & Me Week: Day THREE

Our day started with a wake up call from James. He decided to take an early lunch at around 9 (he gets to work before 5) and take us out to breakfast. We walked to a great little cafe that was recommended to us, and it did not disappoint. Now we know to get the short stack of pancakes because they were monsters, but so delicious. Definitely will become a new favorite spot for us. Here's Ben enjoying some leftovers.
I decided to take Ben to our little old theater downtown and the first showing wasn't until 5:30. So after naps we bundled up and walked to the theater. We saw Rango. It was okay. The animation was strange. Ben kept commenting about how ugly everyone was. They were dessert creatures like Armadillos and lizards. Not one that I will be purchasing, but entertaining enough. Full of "adult" humor. I thought more than normal. Thank goodness for the popcorn and gummy candy I brought Ben, because he wouldn't have lasted long otherwise. James was out-of-town, so after the movie we went and got some Taco Bell for dinner. Then got into jammies and called it a day. (Notice Ben's little friend at the movies-- he now goes everywhere with us. But I think he's contributing to Ben staying in his bed all night, so I don't mind.)

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