Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Valentines Party/ Ben's Birthday Party

A few weeks back I hosted a little Valentine's Party/play date for some girlfriend's and their kiddos. I have been meaning to email my friend Becka for some better pictures than my old iPhone pics, but figured I better post it with mine seeing that it's already March (where did February go?). I was really looking forward to this because I love to plan and throw parties. On the morning of as I was unloading the tables and chairs I borrowed from my Grandpa, I was giving myself a little pep talk: "Julie, don't freak out if no one comes, don't freak out . . ." I had gotten a lot of maybes and probables, so I was nervous that everyone would be a no-show, and I put time and thought into these kinds of things. Well, lets just say I was relieved when everyone showed except one (and they were in Utah so hah).
The first thing on the agenda was Valentine card making. Although with toddlers, I realized I couldn't have an agenda. Some sat down for a few minutes and put a couple stickers on my pre-cut Valentines, and then took off to Ben's room to play. They all had fun though, so that's what matters, right? Ben is so funny, he was more interested in the under one crowd on the rug in the living room, than the two-year-olds in his room. He spent his time bringing toys and books out to Baby Einstein. My friend Marissa, has a cute-as-can-be little baby girl, and as soon as Ben saw her he dubbed her Baby Einstein. We think it's because her hair sticks straight up, resembling the logo for Baby Einstein movies. I thought the name might have been a fluke, until at church on Sunday when he saw her, even asleep in her car seat, all wrapped up, he peaked in on her and said "hi, Baby Einstein." Anyways, after thoroughly messing up Ben's room, I called all the kids back in for lunch (heart shaped PB&J's, strawberry rice snacks, and apple slices), and then we wrapped things up with some cookie decorating.
I really enjoyed watching the kids have fun, and loved chatting with their mom's as they played. Play dates are really a win-win for mom and child alike. I'm already hatching up plans for a springtime play date. Here are a few ideas I have planned for it (as seen on Family Fun and The Hungry Housewife).
Oh, I almost forgot to mention how Ben completely believes that our little V-day party was his birthday party. He even received a valentines gift in the mail that day from his Nana Lin to further make him believe it was his b-day. One of the little girl's at the party, Chloe, thought she was at Ben's birthday party too as she kept singing "Happy Birthday dear Bentley, happy birthday tooooo yooooouuuuu!"

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