Sunday, March 6, 2011

Groupon and the Like

Have you discovered Groupon yet and other similar websites? You sign up, choose your area, and then they send you daily emails with deals in your local area. I'm in love. It has had three impacts on my life so far: (1) It has given me new ideas for things to do with Bentley and for other people. A month ago I purchased a 3 for 1 pass to Pump It Up Jr.'s pop in and playtime. Ben now is officially obsessed with it and I enjoy taking him and bouncing around on the jump houses with him, and sliding down the big inflatable slides. It also gave me a great idea for my sister in law's upcoming graduation present (and of course I'll be getting a great deal on it too). (2) It has caused me to start treating myself to some luxuries that I never or rarely allowed myself before. I got a $50 haircut for $25 (I'm bad about regularly getting haircuts), I got an amazing 60 minute facial for $59 (original value, $160). And the best deal to date that I have found is something that I have been wanting forever, and James and I always talked about once we had the money we would do it. Last week I purchased a series of five microdermabrasion treatments from a spa in San Francisco, a whopping $750 value, for, wait for it . . . $150 (thanks mom)!!!! I'm super excited and have my first appointment scheduled for this Friday. I cannot wait for the results. I have some pesky acne scars on my cheeks that have always bothered me so much, and I hope, hope, hope that this will diminish or erase them. (3) It has made me more thrifty in searching out deals for things I would have normally just paid full price for without blinking an eye. I now get Fandango movie tickets, 2 for $9, search Internet deals before taking the family bowling or to mini golf (sometimes getting these things for free, or half price). Now the one thing I could really get better on is watching grocery store ads for sales and cutting coupons before going to the grocery store. There are so many deals out there, and it's kinda fun hunting for them, and making the most out of your budget, no matter what it is.

Other fun websites that send daily deals to your inbox are:

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