Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mommy & Me Week: Day FIVE

I realized today while laying on Ben's floor waiting for him to drift off into sleepy land (yes I'm still doing that, but yes he falls asleep and STAYS asleep until the next morning at around 7:30, 8 o'clock, so it's a small sacrifice), that I forgot to wrap up our mommy & me week. Plans fell through with my parents to go to the Children's Discovery Museum, but have been rescheduled for this Friday so stay tuned. Thus the highlight of our day was a trip to the Dollar store for birthday party goodies. After scoring some great gag presents to add to our novelty prize table, I spotted some kites and slipped one into our cart. Ben immediately grabbed for it and spent the rest of the shopping trip jabbing passerby-ers and nearly knocking everything in his path off the shelves. Despite the mishaps in the store, I knew that it was the perfect purchase as my hands tightly gripped my steering wheel on the way home to prevent my car from being blown off the highway. Yes a perfectly windy day for flying a kite. Once safely home we ripped off the packaging and then after some light assembly I attempted to unwind the very thin string. The thing was completely twisted, and with an impatient yank, I got loose about ten feet of the hair-like string and called it good. We ran out to the front yard to try the new contraption. Ben was thrilled when I got the thing off the ground. So much so that he began to run around in a frenzy on the grass and came head-on with the kite, snapping the pole in half and permanently grounding our new treasure (in Ben's eyes at least). You know the saying trash-to-treasure? Well, our little kite underwent an opposite transformation, and in five minutes went from treasure-to-trash (when Ben wasn't looking of course).

There's just something magical about flying a kite. So you bet we will be giving it another go. And next time I'll throw down more than a buck. : )

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