Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Me, Myself, and I

Last Friday night I had my first microderm appointment in San Francisco, so I got to enjoy a whole five hours, solo. Even the drive was relaxing on my own. Ben doesn't fall asleep in the car anymore like he used to, even on long drives, and he has a tendency to constantly ask me questions from the back seat-- so I could actually think. Upon arriving in the city I got my car valet parked in a hotel parking garage (surprisingly no more expensive than other public parking garages throughout the city). Then I enjoyed a nice sandwich at a cafe before heading to my appointment. The environment was wonderfully relaxing and the treatment went great; I already love the results and get to go four more times (more on that later). It was just nice to get away by myself and get pampered. All women deserve that. And mothers need it. In my opinion, especially stay-at-home moms!
In an elevator on my way up to the tenth floor for my treatment.

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