Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Funday

I just love Sundays. They are all pretty much the same round here, and all pretty great. I'm usually the first to wake up and quickly hop in the shower before anyone else awakes (it's funny how much I cherish the quiet still of morning before you-know-who is awake). James woke up second today and we were both in the living room when I heard Ben wake up and tell his stuffed monkey, "be right back," which is a classic Ben phrase used all throughout the day. I try and always bath Ben on Saturday evening to make Sunday mornings go smoother. Then set Ben up with his breakfast and a show, usually Cailou, as I get dressed and ready, while James hops in the shower. Ben is the last to get dressed because what mother in her right mind would dress a two-year-old in church clothes and then give him pancakes and syrup! And then we're off to 10 am church (love, love, love the 10 am start time, and the fact that it NEVER changes because we are the only ward who meets in our chapel). Sacrament meeting is for the most part a success with Ben. Although for the life of him he just wont use his whisper voice, and there is inevitably one or two requests to use the bathroom, he overall sits fairly nicely throughout the hour fifteen minute meeting. His favorite part is the actual partaking of the sacrament. As soon as we take the bread he starts asking about the water. He also has recently become quite the fan of the sacrament meeting back tickle. Not sure why it is, but if you take a look around any LDS chapel you are bound to see mom's and wife's giving son's and husband's back tickles. : ) Except Ben prefers his Daddy's back tickles, which is A O K with me. Ben also asks a lot throughout the meeting, "when I go to nursery, mom?" And he is great in nursery. Don't get me wrong, we definitely have our bad days, when I myself am thinking: when can I take this kid to nursery! But overall it is such a blessing each week to have my family sitting with me in the pew feeling the spirit together and drawing closer to each other and our father in heaven. It has amazed me over the past month or so how much Ben is learning and absorbing in nursery and at home during our personal scripture reading and family night. We were listening to a children's hymn and he asked me, "mom, is this Jesus Christ gave me a body?" Which isn't the name of any of our children's hymns, but I'm assuming was the name of a lesson he heard in nursery. I ask him two questions each week about nursery and he always gives me the same answers. Me: "how was nursery?" Ben: "I a good boy, mommy." And Me: "what did you learn about in nursery?" Ben: "Jesus Christ." I try to get more out of him and ask what he learned about Jesus Christ, and he usually just says "I don't know." We'll get there though. And by the rate he is growing up on me, it will be soon.
Once back at home today our day continued on like most other Sundays. I immediately fix lunch because by this time it's after one and James and I are starving (Ben's usually not even hungry because they feed him a feast at nursery). Then Ben and I hit the hay. A Sunday nap is almost a requirement. : ) When we awoke the day was still warm and sunny so we took a nice walk around town. Ben in his shorts and t-shirt with popsicle in tote got a little chilly by the end of the trip. As I got dinner ready (yummy salmon, red potatoes, and green beans), James disappeared into our room. When I opened the door it looked like our closet had thrown up; he called it cleaning. Apparently James caught the spring cleaning bug and decided to purge and organize his closet. Now I have a garbage bag by the door which he requested I take to Goodwill and another bag of dress shirts that he requested be taken to the dry cleaners. But it does look great.
Now these two are in bed sleeping and my day is ending the way it began, quiet and peaceful.

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