Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Box Car

This morning Ben asked me if we could do something "crafty" today? I said yes and then tried to figure out something to do. As I was breaking down some cardboard boxes (we have had several packages arrive throughout the week for Halloween and James' birthday) I got the idea to make a box car. Actually Ben gave me the idea a few days ago when he jumped inside a box and started racing it around. I got to work cutting out the shape of the box while Ben worked on getting the wheels (small paper plates) nice and black.Then he began the custom paint job on the car and chose a different color for each side. We embellished his race car with some cool racing stripes.
We finished it off with paper towel roll headlights, and a paper towel roll steering wheel. Then I simply added a ribbon so he could hold the car up and around his neck and he was off. It's a little small for him, but it gets the job done. Although he has been begging me to put a seat into it so he doesn't have to walk. I've tried to explain to him that it just doesn't work like that. I suppose he wants an engine too!
He lovingly named his car, Lightening McQueen.

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