Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Perfect Patient

Ben had a dentist appointment last Friday and was so amazing he made me beam with pride. He has always enjoyed doctors since he was little and had been very excited for his dentist appointment for the last month. He kept asking me what his dentist's name was and I would tell him Dr. Yogabi. So when we arrived and were seated in the waiting room, he kept saying over and over very loudly, "where's Yogabi?" I kept correcting him and saying Dr. Yogabi, but to no avail. I thought that things would go south once he got in the chair and the poking and prodding with the shiny tools began but Ben was a champ. He let Dr. Yogabi scrape his little teeth clean. He did have a slight aversion to the bright light so the dentist handed him the cool shades (see below). Ben tried them on but wasn't much of a fan.
His big objection came when the polisher made it's appearance. I think it was the noise that scared him the most. He did finally agree to let him just try and I think Dr. Yogabi managed to polish a few of his top front teeth before Ben asked him to stop. There were no meltdowns and he simply just asked him to please stop. It was pretty funny. Ben was also quite the conversationalist and told Dr. Yogabi all about his little brother named Jackson and how his Daddy picked out the name, and when asked what his Daddy's name was he replied "just Daddy," with a little shrug of his shoulders. Dr. Yogabi complemented Ben's shoes and he told him he picked them out, which he did. I just sat in the chair next to them simply listening to the little conversation my big boy was carrying on with his dentist, smiling all along.
And the best news of all was that Ben's teeth look great and that mom (me) is doing a
great job! Yah for me. It's not always easy to floss and brush a 3-year-old's teeth,
so I was relieved with the good report.

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