Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Sister's Shower

When it came to planning my sister's shower, I knew that cutesy wasn't going to fly with her. Nothing totally girly and nothing cheesy- like she absolutely vetoed the playing of any "shower games." So I thought why not go a little modern and yellow. And then I decided that a brunch would be casual, flexible with people's schedules, and yummy (breakfast foods are my favorite). Once getting my mom (my co-host) and sister on board, I ran with the idea. First I was inspired to make favors out of baby food jars by my friend Kristina's blog as she turned some of her daughter's baby food jars into little turkey gratitude jars with her son. I simply sprayed the lids yellow, glittered them up, and filled them with assorted yellow candy. Very simple and inexpensive; especially since my son's preschool gave me the jars (they have boxes of them).
I wanted to keep everything white and yellow and went with a very clean table scape. I sewed the table runners up with some yellow fabric from Joannes and made the napkin rings from pom pom trim. We then used our own mixed and matched white plates, and kept things simple with plastic cups and yellow straws. I really would have rather used mason jars for the glasses, but things fell through with a friend I was supposed to borrow them from.
The show stopper was this beautiful yellow and white fondant cake that my mom's friend made. The inside was just as impressive- just imagine caramel, peanut butter, and chocolate in a cake! Very yummy.
The brunch buffet was equally impressive and large in quantities (due to my mom's major fear of not having enough food for everyone). Between the fresh whole fruit, yogurt, granola parfait, three types of egg casseroles, hot off the grill Belgium waffles, banana chocolate-chip muffins, custom made donuts, and croissants- I don't think anyone left hungry. Actually they didn't even leave empty-handed, as we insisted that people take home some of the many leftovers!
Lastly all of my sister's friends and family (my family too) were very generous and she left the party with most of what she needs for sweet little Ashlynn, who is arriving in just about a month. Can't believe it.
Doesn't my sister look great for 36 weeks pregnant? Let's just not play the comparison game to me and my only 31 weeks pregnant figure. : ) I would say based on that smile that Katie enjoyed her shower and it was all worth it. Love you sis! And by the way, isn't my mom beautiful. She always seems to get her skinniest when I'm pregnant. What's up with that!

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