Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's A Circus 'Round Here

We finally decided on just going with Ben's clown costume and a whole circus theme for Halloween this year. It was really a last minute effort, and if it wasn't for James it may not have happened at all. On Friday before Halloween James decided that he could manage his costume all on his own, if I can get mine done (I was feeling overwhelmed having to do both). We set a dollar limit and decided a friendly competition was in order. We kept both of our costumes hidden until the grand reveal just moments before our ward Halloween party on Saturday night. I am amazed at my husband's skill. I deemed him the winner, because I had no clue he had it in him. James was the ringmaster and I was a cotton candy vendor. Here are some horrible phone pics for your viewing pleasure.
We went to our old home town of Los Gatos on Halloween night to visit once again the greatTait Street. And once again it did not disappoint. However, unlike last year, this year Ben developed little things called awareness and fear. We parked on our old street and he enjoyed trick or treating at an old neighbor's house and then at our old house. He was so excited to see our old house and kept saying, "oh, did you see our door?" "I just love our old door!" Silly boy. Once we got onto Tait Street the insane crowd, spooky loud music, scary costumes and decor freaked him out. He started to cry and said he wanted to go home and that he had "enough candy already." That's how you know it's serious. : ) But I was able to calm him down by keeping his eye gaze low at all the cute kids in their costumes and the many dog's in theirs. After making our way through Tait Street we headed down town to visit our favorite candy store (not for more candy, just drinks). And when we got home Ben of course dumped his candy on the floor and examined his loot. He got two pieces that night and we called it a day. Anoverall successful Halloween, but I'm glad it's done. Now bring on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and then this baby!

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