Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Day to be Thankful For

Today Ben's preschool had a short Thanksgiving program and feast at his school. When I arrived he was seated with his class and when he spotted me he gave me a big wave and then attempted to make his way through the crowd of parents to me. His teachers quickly got him seated back with his class, but it sure made my day. Unfortunately he didn't sing along the song they had been practicing- even though he knows all the words- but he sat there with his class very well and made me proud all the same. After the songs his teacher read the children's responses to the question: what they are thankful for? Ben's response just cracks me up (see below). He rarely even watches that show funny kid.
My parents got to come and Ben was happy to have his Mimi and Papa there. He gave them the grand tour and we all sat down for some yummy Thanksgiving fixings (can't wait for the real thing now). For the last half hour or so of school he played around outside and for the first time ever didn't want to leave preschool.
Afterwards we went down to Blackhawk Plaza and fed the ducks. Funny how much kids love doing that isn't it. And when we got home and the grandparents were gone, Ben and I settled into my warm bed for a long winter's nap.
We topped our day off with a matinee showing of Puss & Boots at the theater down the street. I sure love my little companion. He keeps me great company, even when his Daddy is out of town for the week.

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