Monday, June 30, 2014


Ben's sixth year of life marked the day when we finally gave in and got this kid his first pet.  Well, a fish.  Not exactly sure they qualify as a pet, but we have him fooled at least.  The lady photo bombing our picture thought it was pretty curious we were taking a photo to begin with so we had to explain the occasion to her.  : ) 
We decided on a pretty blue Betta fish.  A male of course.  And gathered a simple setup for our first go around as "pet" people.  Hopefully we got everything we needed.  We did run out of water (apparently this fish is too good for tap), as you can see from the photo below of the have full tank, so I guess we will be doing a Petco run tomorrow.  Ben thinks we now need the reward card they offer, since we are going to be frequent customers from now on.  
The boys worked together to set up their newest roommates digs.  When picking out the rocks for the bottom of the tank Ben began by looking at all the colorful rocks, but then when he saw the natural rocks he said he wanted them so the fish would feel more at home.  : ) 
Ben's favorite part was transferring his fish, which he so cleverly has named Blue, from his little container to his new home.  He began by very slowly pouring the water into the tank and then grew increasingly excited as he exclaimed, "he's going to fall in through a huge waterfall!"  Luckily he survived the huge drop and now lives on the boys dresser.  For hopefully a good while.  I have no idea the fish's life expectancy, but already warned Ben they don't live for very long.  Good thing a few bucks and a walk down the street will provide Blue's replacement when that time does come.  The pictures below make me so happy seeing that smile on my baby's face.  These are the kind of parenting moments that make it all worth it.  And this kid and I have had a rough week, so that's saying a lot.  Haha.  Love you Bentley Greene! 

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