Thursday, June 19, 2014

Handmade with Love

I have fallen head over heals in love with handmade products for baby girl.  Not only are there so many beautiful and unique items out there but I just love the idea of the person behind the piece.  I love thinking of the mom sewing all hours into the night to pursue her passion, help provide for her family, without having to sacrifice her days at home with her children.  I love supporting the momtrepreneur, as it has since been termed.  And the products that some of these ladies produce are nothing short of art.  Etsy provides a place for these ladies to get their businesses started and I am a frequent purchaser.  I love that there is a place where all of my favorite things can go so I can slowly and eventually chip away at my wish list and eventually support all of my favorite shops.
So many of my other favorite shops have graduated from Etsy and have their own place in cyberspace, so I wanted to include some of those links.  I know my readership of this little blog is very small, but if I could bring one new customer to any one of these shops I would feel happy.


  1. I need to have a bow night again and have you over I have so much headband making supplies it's unreal!! I ordered a bunch of fabric from a cute etsy shot two weeks ago, but haven't recieved my shipment. I hope to make some geometric leggings. We should get together and play!

    1. See below. I don't get a lot of comments on my blog, so I didn't even press reply before commenting. Haha.

  2. Yes please do Leah! I've caught the sewing/crafting bug preparing for my little lady. I'm no pro and my sewing machine is like fifteen years old but I'm having fun breaking it out again. We will have to have a sewing session soon.