Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer Schedule

It feels like it's been summer for quite a while around here because a) I have been homeschooling Ben since January and b) its been hot enough to swim since April.  But with true summer finally here I've had to devise some sort of a plan to keep us busy and me sane (Ben uses the "b" word far too much- bored that is).  Our weekly routine is shaping up pretty nicely and will hopefully give us a good summer, if pregnant mommy can keep up.  Our week consists of the following activities: 
  • A few days of swim time at our club's pool.  I love that both kids can swim/float on their own now so I don't have to be in with them the whole time.  Although I definitely can't sit poolside for long without needing to take a dip and cool off. 
  • A weekly trip to the movies for their summertime series where they play older movies for .50! 
  • A weekly or sometimes bi monthly trip to the bowling alley.  I got a kids unlimited bowl free pass and paid $20 each for unlimited shoe rentals, so we try to take advantage weekly.  It's a lot of work for me though helping out Jackson primarily and my big tummy is causing me balance issues that sometimes make leaning down to throw the ball a bit difficult.  
  • The boys also spend a lot of time in Kids Club while mommy works out.  They have such a great time there, especially now with the big kids out for summer Ben loves it.  It's basically like play school everyday, since they get up to three hours of care there daily.     
  • Park dates with friends twice a week is a highlight for both the boys and me as I get some adult time in.  
  • Ben is attending VBS next week for a few hours every morning. 
  • We have a fun safari/glamping trip planned for Ben's sixth birthday next weekend curtesy of my in-laws, which we are really looking forward to.  
  • I'm hoping to plan a local overnight camping trip with just my little family.
  • Looking forward to the Fourth for a hometown parade and fabulous fireworks, which always make me really sentimental. 
  • Hopefully several more beach trips if the weather would cooperate.  We went several times in April/May, but it's actually cooler now that its summer.  Strange coastal weather. I'll have to post pics from our beach trips next post.
  • And eating lots of fresh fruit and cool treats will definitely be on the agenda as well.    

This summer will go down in my memory as the summer of the boys, before our life changes with the addition of little sister.  I just hope that I don't overheat in the process of trying to fulfill all of their summer bucket list items.  : )

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