Saturday, June 14, 2014

Little League

Ben's first season of little league wrapped up a couple of weeks ago.  He didn't love it, even though he did really well at it.  We aren't really the biggest baseball fans in this house and it is a bit of a slow sport, especially for impatient five-year-olds.  I think he'll enjoy the pace of soccer and basketball much better.   Ben has always been great at batting and when I heard it was coach pitch I knew he would be excited.  They'd give the kids about five attempts to hit the ball before bringing out the T, and I think Ben only had to hit of the T maybe three times all season.  He really improved on fielding and it was fun to see the point of the game click for him and his teammates (they were actually getting outs towards the middle of the season).  We might be done with baseball as he says he doesn't want to do it again, but we will see if he changes his mind come next spring.  I just love watching this kid learn and improve on new skills and hope he really finds a sport he loves.  Looking forward to lots of practices and games to come throughout the years. 
He got a great hit during his second practice and I managed to capture the moment of connection. 
Jackson was his biggest fan and did such a good job staying off the field. 
And this was before practice. 
He was so excited to give catching a try.  He could barely see or move in all that gear.: ) 
Jackson was always close by. 
Can you believe I found this random Twins shirt at my local maternity store?  How perfect. 
Playing first base during his last game.  He stopped two balls and got two outs! 
End of season pizza party.  Can you spot Jackson?! 
He wanted to know if his trophy was "real golden?"  The trophy may not be priceless but watching you receive it was, Ben!  I'm so proud of you.  XoXo, Mommy.

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