Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Second Trimester

I am already two weeks into my third trimester of this pregnancy.  It really is going by super fast when I look back, but then seems so far off when all I want to do already is meet this baby girl of mine.  Currently I have ten weeks to go and although I'm anxious I'm also really excited that I get to spend the whole summer just me and my boys.  One last hurrah if you will just us.  The heat this summer I'm sure will just about be the death of me, but I think its otherwise perfect timing that baby is coming right before summer ends and Ben starts Kindergarten.  Because lets face it a baby would have put a bit of a damper on our summer plans.  I just hope my energy holds out so I can provide the boys with some great fun in the sun.  
Speaking of energy I pretty much felt wonderful throughout my second trimester.  I worked out very consistently up until about 23 weeks, but have since gotten a little of track and have only been getting in two to three workouts per week (less intense and shorter length).  The "Ellie Belly-" that's what I nicknamed the bump- is definitely growing and making me feel more and more pregnant.  Towards the wrap up of the second trimester I find myself wearing down quicker and some days I'm pretty worthless, but I feel just so blessed to be experiencing a healthy pregnancy so far.  
My absolute favorite parts about being pregnant this time around are three fold.  First I love feeling this little life inside of me.  She is seriously such a squirmer and I feel as though she hardly sleeps in there because I can feel her moving around almost all the time.  Maybe she'll kick a lot in her sleep like her mommy. : )  Secondly I love Jackson's reaction to my tummy.  He gets all excited and tries to hug and kiss my tummy (I have to remind him to be gentle every time), especially if he gets a glimpse of my bare skin or when he first sees me in the morning.  He's going to be a great big brother, just like his big brother.  Thirdly, I really enjoy stranger's reactions to my pregnancy.  Everyone is always smiling at me, and especially when on the cruise people had the nicest things to say to me.  Hopefully I'll hold on to those sweet words as I grow who knows how much bigger these last ten weeks.  I'm already growing out of lots of my maternity clothes.  Thank goodness summer doesn't require as much clothes. I think I'll just live in my workout clothes and bathing suits. 
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