Monday, June 16, 2014

Brother's Bedroom

When we moved from our last home and into my in-laws house temporally we decided to sale Ben's bed.  He slept on a makeshift bed we made with some Ikea drawers, which actually made a great storage bed in the meantime.  When we moved Jackson was still in his crib but after not too long he began climbing out of said crib and one night I found him on the floor next to his crib with his little foot stuck in the slats.  Heart breaking.  This was at eighteen months.  So we bought him a little toddler bed but he was never a fan and slept in his brother's twin bed more often than naught.  Therefore when we were moving I knew we needed two new twin beds.  I loved all the Pinterest pallet beds so made it my mission to make this happen.  I found my pallets but without any tools or no how, didn't really no where to go from there.  I asked my sweet landlord if James and I could burrow some tools and he completely took over the project for me and completed both beds super quick.  One he and his wife, mind you they are in their seventies, hand delivered one to me (they were living across the street at the time).  I couldn't have been more grateful and they turned out exactly like I had imagined.  Especially after I got them stained they were exactly what I wanted.  I love that they are low to the ground, interesting, modern, and super amazingly cheap!  I think I spent maybe thirty dollars total.  
I had these shelfs cut for the space and stained them to match the beds and James hung them for me.  I love all the interest they add to the space and it gives the boys a place to display their treasures (lots of artwork and a new trophy have already been added).  
These Urban Wall triangle decals are just so perfect.  They were very easy to install, look painted on, and are the perfect solution for our temporary home.  Plus how perfect are they with that rug.  
Two of my favorite features in the room are the large picture window (although I still really need to replace the ugly vertical blinds), and the closet system, which allow me to tuck all their toys and games neatly away.  Ben's clothes may be in the nursery, but baby girl will have an open closet in the built in shelves in her room, so there's still plenty of space for everyone.  
There's still a few things I want to do in here: print mini instagrams for the push board, make a large dreamcatcher for the wall next to the big window (Ben's side of the room; because he sometimes has bad dreams), and hang some low book shelves right above Jackson's bed for his beloved board books, but overall I love the space.  It's the perfect size for my two blonde brothers and a space that they wont outgrow anytime soon.  


  1. Awesome room! I love the idea of placing shelves in their bed, as it gave additional storage area for books and toys. I can see you’re still planning on more renovations for your son’s bedroom. I’m pretty sure they’ll enjoy their newly-renovated room. Thanks for sharing!

    Roberta Fox @ Glendale Mattress Central

  2. A cute room for cute fellas! Great job on the room renovations, Julie! I’m glad you made those pallet beds with the shelves, and it was a good idea to use that small space for their books. You could also use that for their clothes, right? Just make sure you’ll have a nice cabinet door to match the pallets. I look forward to reading the updates on your other plans. Thanks for sharing!

    Dante Storey @ The Healthy Bed Store