Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ben's Big Boy Room

There is nothing baby about Ben's room at the new house. It's kinda sad. But I get to design a nursery very soon, so it's okay that I'll soon have one big boy and one baby boy! Ever since starting preschool Ben has really enjoyed painting and crafting. He was bringing home so much artwork, that I knew we had to do a little art gallery. I still want to expand it with some more frames.
Ben's new big boy bed (a hand-me-down from his Auntie Amanda who is now off at college). He really has to jump to get on here. James said to remember how he struggles to get on now, because by the time we leave this house he will be swinging his leg over and touching the ground. I was worried that he would fall off, but so far, no injuries have occurred.
The shape of the room provided the perfect little nook for his toy box.
Love all the storage and shelf space that this cool IKEA contraption provides.
The reading corner.
The perfect reminder for every child of God, young and old!
I love the built ins in the closet, they provide the perfect place for all of his things. Things I want him to get into on his own are placed below, and those I don't want him to get into alone are out of reach.

I can't wait to start on the nursery; I've got big plans. It will be the first nursery I get to design, so I'm super excited.

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