Sunday, October 30, 2011

It Was a Beary Long Day, and This Mummy is Tired!

Friday was defiantly a very busy day. I hosted a little Mummy & Me Luncheon party for Ben and a few of his little friends from 10 till about 1. I went with of course a mummy theme and purple, orange, and lime green color scheme. We kicked off the party with a dramatic reading (ha, ha) of Ben's favorite book, "Where's My Mummy?" Then played a game of pin the face on the mummy-- loved the kids interpretations of what a face looks like.
Then they enjoyed a lunch of mummy dogs (with horrible mustard eyes), and mummy pizzas.
The cute party guests.
Once all the guests left I quickly got Ben down for a nap to rest up for the next event of the day- a wizard of oz themed party at the rec. center downtown. Ben wore his back up costume, a little bear suit we found at a second-hand store to give his clown costume a break from the festivities. He played a few games, made a few crafts, and enjoyed pointing out everyone's costumes to me telling me what everyone was dressed up as.
After the party we were supposed to go to Uncle Jeff's football game, but opted out because not only were we both tired, I still had to shop for supplies for my costume. We attempted to get everything I needed at the party store and Marshalls, but I realized I had to venture to the mall to H&M for my outfit. I got everything I needed for just under $30, plus I got a new outfit to wear after Halloween. I'll post pictures tomorrow. Hope everyone has a great Halloween tomorrow.

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