Sunday, October 2, 2011

Soaking up Summer, and Wishing it Adieu

Last week was hopefully the last week of really warm weather. So we took advantage and busted out the swimsuits hopefully for the last time. Definitely the last time for me-- I don't think my non-maternity suit is going to stretch anymore. : ) It was so nice having a pool in our own backyard for the end of this summer for several reasons: it turned out to be a great thing to do with Ben and maybe more importantly, a great way to wear him out. And also because I was not about to go to any sort of public pool with my growing belly. Below is the only glimpse you'll be getting of me in all my glory.

The last three days have been breezy, and overcast, and wonderful. I'm looking forward to cool days and evenings, comfortable covered up clothing, and snuggling under blankets with my family. But first things first. Tomorrow after dropping Ben off at preschool I'm hitting up the mall for some much needed winter clothes for him. Turns out only two pairs of his pants don't flood, and his arms are too long for the vast majority of his long sleeve t's, button downs, and sweatshirts. Yikes. And soon we will have two of them to clothe.

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