Thursday, October 20, 2011

How to Spend Two Days

Yesterday morning I dropped Ben off at preschool and my Dad picked him up for me and took him to spend the night at my parent's house. I will be picking him up today at around four with James. So how did I spend my two days? I think I struck the perfect balance how to spend two days to myself: one day for me, and one day for my family.
As soon as I dropped Ben off yesterday to preschool, only after sitting with him through circle time and a fun visit from a firefighter, I headed to downtown Walnut Creek for a wonderful haircut. I got the works. A scalp massage with lavender essential oil, a deep conditioning treatment and hand massage, and then an amazing haircut. I've decided to grow out my hair, so she just cleaned it up a little bit, but I really like it. After my haircut I treated myself to a little scrumptious snack from Kara's Cupcakes-- a s'more cupcake and milk.
Once the sugar kicked in I was ready to shop. I scoured a local consignment store and scored four amazing designer sweaters at great prices that will work through my pregnancy and then afterwards. Then I headed to my new favorite, H&M for some essential pieces including a black maternity pencil skirt, and a few non maternity pieces that work great. I love not having to shop ALL maternity. They really rip us preggo women off and then you can't wear the pieces once the belly goes back down to normal size again. I ended my me day with a trip to Cold Stone with four wonderful women and chatted it up until nearly ten o'clock at night. Such a great day!
After a thoroughly selfish day yesterday, I thought I better devout my time to my family today. How so? By cleaning our entire house, working on Ben's Halloween costume, and stocking our fridge up with some much needed food. Soon I will be getting in the car to go pick up my baby from his Mimi and Papa's house, and I can't wait to see him. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder. I'm so glad that he had such a great time and was such a good boy, but I am also glad that he is ready to come home and is missing me. We then will head to mine and James' hometown of Brentwood for a family pumpkin patch outing, then to our favorite local restaurant for dinner, El Camino, and lastly to James' football practice. Yes, his football practice. He signed up to re live his glory days on an alumni football team and today he has his first practice. The big game is in a few weeks. I think we just might feel 16 again tonight, except for the bringing our three-year-old to the pumpkin patch part. : )

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