Friday, October 21, 2011

Getting Crafty

Ben and I made these adorable mini marshmallow ghosts for my friend's neighborhood Halloween carnival. Simply fill skinny plastic bags, like those used for pretzel treats, with mini marshmallows, and sharpie on little ghost faces. Or in our case hot glue on googly eyes and paint on the mouth (can't find my black sharpie anywhere).
Burlap, ribbon, and black paint were used to create this simple banner for our family room mantel. The mini pumpkins I plan on using for James' b-day party celebration and a friendly carving competition. We will see if they are even possible to carve.
I can't claim any craftiness about the kitchen table, but someone handmade this cute runner, just not me. And I love the sunflowers; they remind me of my mom. And since the table was my parent's old table, it really reminds me of my mom. : )

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