Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Clowning Around

I got the idea to make Ben a clown costume from Parents magazine. It was so simple and very cost effective. Here is a breakdown of materials and directions:
Materials: Girls bermuda shorts size 14, long sleeve t-shirt (both on clearance at Target), oversized bow tie purchased from party store, bag of pop poms, green felt, bag of party hats, large colorful buttons, ribbon, face painting kit, and a medium-sized embroidery hoop. Total cost for everything was around $20-25.
First I stitched the oversized bow-tie to the t-shirt to reinforce it. Then I pinned the embroidery hoop into the shorts (I could have hand-sewn it, but I hate hand sewing, so I just safety pinned it). I had Ben hold them on himself while I measured the ribbon for size and simply sewed on the ribbon and buttons to create suspenders. I safety pinned the suspenders to his t-shirt so they wouldn't slip, but the pants could still slip off.
For the clown hat, I simply cut the green felt to size and hot glued it on to the paper party hat. Then I hot glued a large pom pom on top and on the bottom rim, and glued buttons up the front. He had the perfect clown-like shoes already, so I just taped on some pom poms for added detail. And woola, there you have it.
After looking at the pictures from our friend's neighborhood Halloween carnival (such fun- see below), I realized that his pants could use a little something.
So I have decided to sew some large patches onto the pants before his school Halloween party and parade to add a little flair and change things up a bit. And because we have at least two more events to go to I have to think of a family costume idea. I had a three bears plan in the works, but since I never finalized the bear rentals for James and I and because James informed me that it's "kinda lame," I'm back at square one for now.

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