Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ben's Future Room

Currently we live in a very, very small one bedroom apartment and Ben's only space is a porta crib, right next to our bed (literally, I have space to set my feet down, and that's it)! I'm already dreaming of Ben's future bedroom. When we move to California in December we will be living in a two bedroom apartment, but I probably wont go all out doing Ben's room until we get a HOUSE! I have been looking on-line to get cute ideas, and found so many great ones. I sorta deemed Ben an animal lover, and want to carry out the animal theme for his first birthday to his first bedroom. Here are some of my favorite ideas!

I love the colors in this one and the modern furniture.
I love the block wall and the abstract monkey painting.

I love all the cute and different animals. 

I also love the colors in this room, although very different from the colors in the other room I love. I love the chocolate browns with the cool blues and love the rug.

Again I love the bright and fun animals in this space. 

I really like how they did the letters in this space. 

Cute wall painting again. I wonder how many different prints and patterned walls I could get away with in one space? 

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