Saturday, July 25, 2009

June visit to California

The family got to fly to California to see the rest of the family at the beginning of June. Ben and I are becoming airport/airplane pros. We always fly without James, because he usually comes out later than us, so we have to do the airport thing by ourself. I have gotten really fast at loading all of our stuff on the conveyor belt, putting Ben's bottles into a ziplock bag for inspection, taking off mine and his shoes (yes, he could be packing heat in his little size 4's), and folding down the stroller and care seat to also go through the conveyor. Everyone is always really helpful anyways, and we get to go through the special family lane, (which saved us at Christmas time when we had about ten minutes to go through security and get to our gate). 

Our first big event in California was a sad one. My Auntie Laura very unexpectedly passed away in April. Since her funeral was in Colorado where she lived, my parents had a
 memorial for her at their house for family and friends. My Aunt was AWESOME. She always had crazy stories for my sister and I when we were little, and she loved to torture us by cracking our toes and giving us indian burns, but we always came back for more. She left behind my beautiful little cousin Megan, who is the spitting image and personality of her mom. It was great to see all the family and meet some of my Aunt's old friends. You will be missed

My cousin Cole and Auntie Sue with Ben. 

Cousin Cole and beautiful little Megan having a good time with the newest member of the family, Ben. They are pretty much like cousins to Ben, considering the age gap between me and them. 

Grandma/Auntie Kelly with two of her boys. 

Cousin Cole loves Ben so much. 

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