Monday, July 27, 2009

Playing Outside

My child loves to be outside! As soon as we hit the door he starts laughing and smiling. It is so nice that even though my apartment is teeny tiny, we have a great big grassy area and playground right outside our door. His favorite thing is definitely the sand box. He loves to climb in and out of it, and he's pretty good at it. Although, just the other day I looked and saw his two feet dangling in the air after he landed head first outside the box. He was okay! He just started to actually dig in the sand with his rake and shovel.

Ben loves it when Daddy is home and can play outside with him. Bentley even likes to watch James and I play basketball. He's used to watching his Daddy play sports. He started watching him play basketball every week when he was just five months old. His little head would go back and forth following the guys up and down the court. And for the last four months, we have been watching Daddy's weekly football game. 

The unfortunate part about it being hot enough to play outside, is that the equipment can get really REALLY hot. So we don't play on it as much as we play in the sandbox, which is nicely shaded. But Ben does love to swing and James even put him down the twisty slide all by himself. 

Just being silly!

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