Monday, July 27, 2009

Father's Day Weekend

To celebrate James' first Fathers Day we spent a wonderful weekend with our great friends, James and Marianne at James' family's cabin. It was a quick trip, but a lot of fun. We went to church on Sunday morning, and then left for the cabin, which was about an hour away later that afternoon. When we got home from church, Ben was so exhausted but I had to take the traditional holiday picture outside. Every holiday, except for Christmas because we were in California, we have taken a picture i our court. I love to see the changing leaves on all the trees behind us in the different holiday pictures as the seasons change. With a very tired baby, I got no smiles. But they still turned out so cute.

Opening up the card. I got Bentley to scribble on it like James did for me for Mother's Day. I can't wait until he can color. I love sitting down with kids and coloring. I hope it's not a girl thing! 

The cabin was such a fun time. After settling in we took a quick ATV ride, and no Ben did not ride with us. Then we went on a joyride around the whole area searching for animals. We saw tons of dear, including a mommy dear with two babies. Marianne and I tracked out into the wilderness and found one of the babies laying down in the brush. I think the poor thing was terrified of us, but we had a great time photographing it. 

We are grateful to have such good friends. We love you James and Marianne. And thanks for a great weekend.

It was so beautiful there!

The amazing baby deer. I was just afraid its crazy momma was going to attack. 

The boys!

After putting Ben to bed that night, we stayed up late playing games and then watched a movie. The next day James and Marianne took us to one of their neighbor's cabins, an old friend of theirs. They had an amazing hugh slide going down their property, a fun swing, trampoline, and a giant teeter-tatter. I felt like a kid. Then, right before we left James R. was taking a quick drive on the ATV before putting it away and saw a moose with two baby moose. We quickly jumped in the car and checked it out. It was such an amazing thing to see. Oh, and we did some shooting. I'm a horrible shot, but every one else was great. 

Unfortunately my camera died early the first day, so I don't have more pics. But Marianne took some great ones that I still have to get from her.  

Ben and I love you James. Thanks for being a great Daddy and working so hard to provide for us!

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