Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mother's Day

My first Mother's Day! I thought I deserved to celebrate last year, since Ben was in my belly, but James thought that was funny. Celebrating this year actually with Ben outside the womb was well worth the year wait. First we went to church. The we came home and I got presents! A very sweet card, that James and Ben signed/scribbled, and ram for our laptop. I know that sounds like a strange present but it was actually perfect. Our laptop is overloaded with music and images that we could not upload any of our video of Ben without it crashing. With a new external hard drive and now ram, I was able to upload all eight hour-long tapes of video that we had been recording since the day Ben was born. We started later that day using our new video program to edit and make a cool video of our trip to Hawaii. Then later we made an amazing movie featuring Ben's first year of life, that we showed at his first birthday party. Later that day we had a lovely outdoor picnic (too bad I had to make the dinner), maybe one day that might change when James' gets passed the microwave and cereal stage. 

Ben popping the bubbly!

Mother's Day Picnic! Maybe we will start a tradition. 

Kisses for my baby!

I love being a mom, and I could not have been blessed with a sweeter baby! I love you Bentley!

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