Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Big Pool

We took Ben in a big pool for the first time with James, Marianne, and their nephew Gavin. He really liked the water. He even floated around on his own in Gavin's floaty. Everything was going really well until James started throwing him in the air and catching him. He liked it the first few times, until... James threw him up and he turned a little in the air, so when James caught him he missed one of his arms and Ben went under water sideways. Ben freaked out, and from then on he was fussy in the pool. I think he lost his trust in James because he was worse when James was holding him. The good thing about babies is he forgot about the whole thing by the end of that day I'm sure!

Ben and Gavin waiting to hit the water!

Floating around. 

Kick your feet Ben.

Ben just began to stand up on his own at this point. He'll be walking soon, 

Gavin and Auntie Marianne. 

Piggy back ride with Daddy!

Daddy's shades!

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