Saturday, September 19, 2009

Block Party

Our apartments hosted another fun event today, a Block Party. Free food, free activities, free information, and free fun! First we went to see the fire trucks and get some ice cream. Ben sat up in the fire truck by himself (his Papa would be proud). 

Then I thought I would see if Bentley might like the bounce house. He had been in a smaller one before at his birthday party, but never with other kids. I had to sign a waiver first and put a wristband on him (which he promptly tore off). I thought he would be nervous but he wasn't at all. He even sat right in the middle for about five minutes and just enjoyed getting bounced around by the other kids (4 and under, luckily). 

We stopped for a quick balloon (Bentley loves balloons, and gets one almost every week at the grocery store). 

I wanted to try out the obstacle course (so Ben was a good excuse for me to go in too). He loved that too, and showed no fear while much older kids raced all around him, nearly knocking him over. 

Then we hit up the little game area. Ben fished for a slinkee and necklace, and then attempted a bean bag toss where he won a sucker. 

We ended the day by getting some free pizza and a Capri Sun. You gotta love free food and entertainment. Ben was disappointed that there were no animals though ;-(

I think the cotton candy made up for it. He didn't actually eat it, he just enjoyed holding it and looking at it. It is strange stuff!

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