Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Night in the ER

I will begin this post by saying that Bentley is fine (I'm not going to make you read the whole thing wondering). 

Ben has been sick since Friday (a lovely thing that has been happening to him since I started nannying for Eva). He has had a really bad runny nose, been very tired, and just not himself. Last night I noticed he was hot so James took his temperature and he was 102. We gave him some Tylenol and then he went to sleep. At around 4 a.m. he awoke and as I pulled him out of his crib I noticed he was really hot, so James took his temp again and he was 104. He has never had that high of a temp before, and we were worried. James (who is usually the last to suggest things like this) thought that it would be best if we took him to Primary Children's. 

We arrived and luckily his temp had already gone down to 102, he was given some Motrin, and we were led to our room. Where we played the waiting game for almost two hours before a doctor finally came and checked on Ben.  Ben got bored sitting on the bed, so we tried to keep him entertained with books and paper towels (which he enjoyed ripping up; the paper towels, not the books). 

Funny story: I think Ben prefers women. Ben had two male nurses, one that checked us in and took his initial vitals and another that brought us to our room and listened to his heart and lungs, etc. Ben did NOT like them. He cried over everything they did to him (not normal). When our doctor FINALLY came in our room, Ben was all smiles for her. He was waving to her and kept making her laugh, and while she was asking me various questions he was nodding his head (his newest trick) to every question. Doctor: "Has he been vomitting?" Me: "No." Ben: nod yes. I guess he's been hiding it from me ;-)

I guess you would like to know what was wrong with Ben. Turns out not much. The doctor thinks he might have an ear infection, but his extremely waxy ears (courtesy of James) kept her from getting a good view, even after two attempts to clear his ears. So we are going to his regular doctor tomorrow to see if anything is more evident by then. But basically the discharge papers read as follows: 
Your child has a viral infection of the upper respiratory passages-- a "cold." 

We may have over reacted a little bit, but we're new parents and this is our child we are talking about here. We would gladly spend four hours in a hospital room to hear that he has just a "cold." We love you Bentley and are glad that you are okay! 

I was surprised how wide awake Ben was during our three hours at the hospital... right up until the very end, when he started to lose it (I was too, why does it take 30 minutes for a nurse to come in with the discharge papers)! He passed out on the five minute trip from the hospital back to our apartment, and when I got him home I changed his pants, took off his jacket, and put him to bed without him so much as stirring. Poor tired baby. Hopefully we wont have to spend another night like that for a long time, or even better, ever! 

Don't you just love his little hospital anklet!

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