Monday, September 28, 2009

What I've learned since . . .

Since Ben has lately turned into a "Curious George," as I like to call him, I have learned a few things about dealing with busy toddlers. 

1. My house doesn't have to be clean ALL day. Just as long as it starts and ends that way, I stay sane. 

2. It takes only twenty minutes to clean up the worst of disasters he can throw at me, and ALL day fighting with him to keep him from making messes. 

3. Rather than keeping all of his toys put away and bringing out some for Ben to play with, I decided to keep all the smaller toys in a basket in the living room. He enjoys emptying and refilling the basket, more than he does playing with the actual toys.  

4. Just let toddlers play with anything they want (no matter how inconvenient), so long as they can't hurt themselves, of course.  Things that are OFF limits to them, kitchen items, things in mommy's purse, and remotes, are their little hearts desires. So just let them have their desire, and they will be happy, and you will be happy too!

And NO, this is not my house. That house wouldn't make anyone happy!

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